Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Readers.

To Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Canada, Shaklee would like you to also celebrate National Heart Month by making a commitment to the health of your heart and the hearts of those you love.

We only have one heart – so spread the word about ways to keep it healthy and strong!

The combination of heart disease and stroke is Canada’s second-leading cause of death, and there are numerous factors that can increase your risk. By maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, you can protect your heart for years to come.

Shaklee’s scientifically supported SmartHeart Regimens are designed to meet people’s specific heart health needs and help meet their overall risk of heart disease by maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

Two amazing products developed by the Shaklee Team of Scientists:


  • Only CoQHeart features Q-Trol®, a natural proprietary blend of the antioxidants coenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) and resveratrol in a bioavailable softgel with a unique olive oil delivery system
  • Provides potent support for optimal heart health
  • Helps support energy production in the heart
  • Each CoQHeart softgel delivers 100 mg of coenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) to help replenish and maintain coenzymeQ10 levels in your blood


  • Provides a full spectrum of seven ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade, omega-3 fatty acids naturally found in small, cold-water fish
  • Contains EP and DHA, known to maintain and support cardiovascular health*
  • Delivers more EPA and DHA than other brands
  • Small softgels are easier to swallow
  • To ensure purity and potency, the fish oil in OmegaGuard undergoes a state-of-the-art molecular distillation process that:
  • Concentrates the natural, beneficial omega-3 fatty acids
  • Removes harmful compounds, such as mercury and lead, that are found in many types of fish
  • Minimizes odour and fishy aftertaste



Be aware

*The symptoms of heart disease vary, and heart attacks display varying warning signs. The most common sign, of course, is chest pain, but extreme fatigue, nausea, and shortness of breath can also be symptoms that your heart is in distress. Women tend to feel jaw pain or radiating discomfort in their left arm. Heart disease can be a silent killer, so it’s best to regularly check in with your doctor to test your blood pressure and cholesterol.

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May you enjoy the company of those you love this Valentine’s Day.