I have to admit that I began this post many weeks ago.  What happened?  All I can say is life got in the way.

I am certain that everyone who is reading this is familiar with the demands and choices we make that occupy our time and prevent us in getting down to business.

On with the topic of this Post:  Aging

Are you concerned about aging? The truth is it doesn’t matter our ‘age’, we are all aging, there is no way getting around it, we have no control over the numbers.

What we can control to some extent is how well we age; diet, exercise,  purpose, attitude, surrounding oneself with those we love are all key factors in aging well …..

Unlike many people I meet, I do not concern myself so much about extending my life by years …. that is not why my health and wellbeing are important to me.  My focus is to live well while I am here; maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep my body and brain active so as not to burden others when my health fails.

Now that we have passed the age and stage of our lives of raising families, striving for a career goal, looking forward to retirement and perhaps travel and pursuing the things we put on hold for all those years, it is our time to shine.

Retirement offers us an opportunity to explore our passions.    Is there something you have always wanted to do but time or space didn’t allow.

Are you a budding artist, or gardener; do you have a heart for those who have relocated from another country and need to learn the language; or an underlying urge to care for children or to feed the hungry?

Whatever your passion now may be the time to explore it further.

What are your strategies to control how well you age?

What steps will you take to make all your tomorrows more amazing?

Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to hearing from you.

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