A New Year, A New You!

Remember that fitness is forever and at all times. Fitness and well-being aren’t seasonal. You can build your foundation of fitness in the summer so that you don’t need a crash diet and fitness fad around January or February. I try to keep my fitness and weight at the right levels all year long.”

From <http://go.shaklee.com/heat-up-your-workout-this-winter-tips-from-the-pure-performance-team/?pws=paulette-rosefraservalley.myshaklee.com>

Keep your workouts comfortable. If it’s cold outside, you’ve got two easy choices: workout inside, or dress warmly enough to keep it enjoyable. You’ll eventually adjust to the weather, so don’t risk dropping a workout just because it’s cold. Shaklee Pure Performance Team athletes frequently hit the treadmill or indoor workout machines, and most gyms offer a variety of indoor workout options.

From <http://go.shaklee.com/heat-up-your-workout-this-winter-tips-from-the-pure-performance-team/?pws=paulette-rosefraservalley.myshaklee.com>

“Having a healthy heart is critical to sports, but having a fighting heart is what really gives us the edge.

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Walking can reduce cognitive impairment in seniors, new study

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The key is to commit to a holistic approach that includes your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Can you successfully lose weight by just changing (for example) your diet? Yes, but when you add regular physical activity and behavior modification to the mix, you greatly increase your chances to achieve and maintain a healthier weight.

From <http://go.shaklee.com/puzzled-weight-loss-4-pieces-need-succeed/?pws=paulette-rosefraservalley.myshaklee.com>

  • Behavior modification: When you think about it, we are all a collection of habits and our habits influence how we eat, why we eat (stress), our engagement with physical activity, how we sleep, and more. Many of these habits may be getting in the way of your success. Behavior modification means changing what you are doing and moving towards healthier choices—like learning how to navigate the grocery store to avoid unhealthy foods. Look for a weight loss program that includes plenty of education and help with adopting healthy habits.

On your path to losing weight, making small positive changes can lead to success. Start your journey today!


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