Are you begrudging getting older ….. no need to, we all do it, you are not alone.  One quote is ‘we are beginning to age’ the minute we are born’.  Is that not the truth; how many of us want to consider the alternative.    Do you have a secret to share about how you are aging.

“One of the joys of aging is that you experience a sense of calm. It’s called the aging paradox, the older we get the happier we are. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry showed that people in their 20s and 30s reported having the highest levels of depression, anxiety and stress, plus the lowest levels of happiness, satisfaction and wellbeing. Older people, surprisingly, were the happiest.[3] This fact may shock a lot of people because we think older people are usually depressed, grumpy, and unhappy. So, why does aging bring you greater happiness? When you’re younger you’re constantly looking for the next big thing. Getting your university degree, a job promotion, marriage. These are great milestones, however sometimes it can feel like there’s a constant pressure for you to make the right life choices. But once you age those expectations slowly stop, there’s a certain serenity. For example, you don’t really care as much about what people think, so you feel freer to speak your mind. You have often learned to pick your battles and recognize when to let go. You don’t feel the need to constantly be doing something with your life. A day spent at home reading a book is not seen as a waste of time. Rather, it’s seen as enjoying your time. The greatest joy of aging is you stop living up to the expectations of others and instead form your own expectations for yourself.”

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Perhaps Purpose is one of the keys to aging successfully.

Purpose is essential to living a long happy healthy life. A 14-year study by the Association for Psychological Science indicates “Having a purpose in life appears to widely buffer against mortality risk across the adult years.” A 2013 AARP study asked those 40 and older how they feel about aging. Of those surveyed, 83 percent agreed with the statement “that having a purpose in life keeps me young.”

Where are you finding purpose as you age?

Many seniors do not need to look far to find ‘purpose’ in their lives.  They have aging parents to care for, or grandchildren who are close by that require care while parents work; but for those of us who do not have these situations in our lives, we need to look further afield.


Volunteering for one of your local charities or community organizations can fill the void successfully; joining a faith community, assisting a neighbour with pet or child care.


Did you find that when you were raising a family you did not have time or resources to further your education.  Now may be the time to study for that degree or further your knowledge of a favourite hobby — photography, art, candlemaking, baking/cooking; glasswork, the list is endless.

What is your experience of aging?  Are you aging well, enjoying your senior years?

I would love to hear from you and your experience.